Learn To Write Fiction: Beginner Course is an eight week course that covers the topics listed below. Each week covers a different topic and you will find the reading and writing assignments for at-home and in-class on the same page. Plan for each in-class session to last two hours. 
The content seen here is a collection of blog posts and articles by a variety of authors that go into detail on specific writing topics. To go even more in depth, you may wish to check out the list of recommended reading, though these books are not required reading for this course.
Writing assignments can either be typed or handwritten, whichever is more comfortable for you. Just remember that you’ll want to bring them with you to each session to talk about them, so make sure they can be portable.
Always remember that these topics are all related to one another. You may get down to world building, for example, and realize that something about your world will change one of your characters. That’s the beauty, and complexity, of writing.
Facilitators: Check out the Facilitator Guide for tips and tricks!
Week 1: Course Overview
Week 2: Genres
Week 3: Characters
Week 4: Setting/World-Building
Week 5: Plot & Structure
Week 6: Description
Week 7: Dialogue & Action
Week 8: Revision & Self-Editing